After willingly downsizing his opulent lifestyle and leaving his high-paying job, Chris Martenson, a former scientist and Fortune 300 executive, created The Crash Course, a 20-chapter online video course that educates viewers on our broken economic system, the crisis of population demographics, and Peak Oil. Since its launch in 2008, The Crash Course has been viewed over 1.5 million times online and has sold over 20,000 DVD copies.

He has also authored a book based on this series, The Crash Course: The unsustainable future of our economy, energy, and environment (2011). The book presents hopeful and pragmatic possibilities for the future, drawing from facts about the concrete realities of today’s economic model.

Chris Martenson has also created a personal blog, through which he aims to build understanding about the risks we are currently facing, so effective solutions can be developed, beginning with ‘little steps’ and moving to big ones.  He shares these ideas and engages the public through events and presentations throughout North America and Europe.

Martenson is a fellow of the Post Carbon institute.

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